From single vision glasses to bifocals and progressive lenses, we offer high-quality products to cover your needs. Sports goggles are also available upon request.

Our contact lens exams include a routine eye exam as well as the fitting of a contact lens that best suits the patient’s ocular health and lifestyle. These options include spherical, toric, multifocal, and monovision lenses in soft, hard (RGP), and specialty modalities. We offer competitive prices and fast delivery for your convenience!

Annual eye exams for children are extremely important because vision can affect a child’s ability to learn and reach their academic/athletic potential. At The Chauncey Eye Group, we assess and treat binocular and accommodative (focusing) issues by alleviating symptoms like eye strain and double vision. Early detection is important for problems like amblyopia (“lazy eye”) and can be prevented if treated promptly with treatments such as atropine (drops) therapy or patching in pediatric populations.

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of vision loss in the US; for this reason, diabetic patients are encouraged to have at least yearly dilated /fundus photography eye exams. Fundus photos will be taken to establish a baseline to monitor any progression of pathology.

Our office is equipped to diagnose and treat most forms of glaucoma; for cases that require laser/surgical intervention, we provide referrals to a glaucoma specialist and will continue to co-manage the condition to best suit the needs of the patient.

Dr. Brown has received clinical training in ocular disease and can diagnose and treat a multitude of eye diseases from dry eyes to “pink eye”, keratoconus to cataracts, macular degeneration, emergency eye care services and more.